Chevrolet Awarded $165,000 in Scholarships to 2022 HBCU Marketing and Journalism Interns  

This year, Chevrolet awarded $165,000 in scholarships. They went to HBCU marketing and journalism interns!

The National Newspaper Publishers Association and Chevrolet are partners. They ended the sixth year of the Discover the Unexpected program.

It is a ten-week internship and scholarship program. This year it was for eleven HBCU students. The program focuses on marketing roles. General Motors has a vision for an all-electric future and journalism with the NNPA. Since the program's inception, over sixty students have participated. Many of them secured full-time jobs with Chevrolet. Other sponsors are following the program.

Discover the Unexpected Program

Chevrolet continues its partnership with the National Newspaper Publishers Association. They came together for the Detroit Training Unity program. It provides Historically Black College students with opportunities for professional and personal growth. The DTU fellows made an impact on the Chevy Marketing team. They made their way through new experiences. They also sharpened their social media, marketing, and event planning skills. The program taught them about the history and culture of Detroit.

The fellowship was an excellent opportunity for the students. They were happy to be part of the team. We hope this partnership continues in the future. It can provide more opportunities for HBCU students.

The Chevrolet Discover the Unexpected program was an excellent opportunity for participants. It taught them about electric vehicles and how to market them to their local communities. Through the program, they worked with large corporations. They learned virtual work environments and time management skills. Each student exemplified passion and professionalism.

The NNPA partnered with six journalism fellows from across the country. The students were exposed to various journalistic skills.

They included broadcast, print, photojournalism, and digital. They also had the opportunity to experience the Chevy Bolt EV in person. It gave them a greater understanding of the potential of electric vehicles. They saw the impact they have on the environment.

While the students were in the program, they created engaging content. They wrote stories about electrification, the Chevy Bolt EUV, and EV adoption. It allows them to act as change agents locally. The content was shared with other students and the general public. It helps promote electric vehicles and increase awareness about their benefits.

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