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Frisco Fastpacs Overview

After-school food programs are sometimes the only resource that children have to receive a sustainable meal. As much as we want to believe that all children have enough to eat, it's not always true. When falling on difficult times, children go hungry or don't have access to nutritious food. Concerned adults and volunteers at Frisco Fastpacs have a straightforward mission: to make sure that no child is hungry when "school is not in session."

What Is Frisco Fastpacs?

Frisco Fastpacs is the brainchild of Marian Schulze, who in 2013 committed to the spiritual discipline of fasting. Something about this particular year's experience was transformative for Marian. After her awakening experience during her Lenten journey, she decided that it was time to make sure that no child experienced hunger. And thus, Fastpacs was born.

Frisco Fastpacs provides meal packs to eligible students enrolled in the Frisco Independent School District (ISD). Eligible students - all children who already qualify for free or reduced meals at school - get access to great meal packs every week. Meal packs come prepared with nutritious, wholesome, and tasty food assembled by the caring volunteers of Frisco Fastpacs. It's convenient for students, allowing them to focus on areas of growth such as education.

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When we all eat healthily, our bodies aren't the only lucky beneficiaries. The mind is dependent on a healthy body. When children are full of good, healthy food, their mood improves, they're more energetic, and they're more capable of getting their school work done.

Students can get Fastpacs in several ways. If the student is learning on-site, a counselor will hand them their meal packs for the weekend. Other kids in a virtual learning program will be able to pick up their meal packs at designated distribution locations.

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No child should ever have to face hunger. For that reason, Frisco Fastpacs is there to make sure that Frisco ISD students are full of great, healthy food all year long. To learn more about how you can get involved with the organization, please visit the Frisco Fastpacs website for more information.