Corvette Racing to Go Global in 2022  

Corvette Racing will be back at Le Mans in 2022 with a factory team and is planning additional FIA World Endurance Championship and European Le Mans Series entries, General Motors Executive Vice President Mark Reuss told RACER.

As confirmed by GM's executive vice president of global product development and its North American president, the return to Le Mans has been on the books for some time. It is part of a larger global strategy.

"Since we've been back at Le Mans, we've had fantastic success; I think it's great for Corvette, great for the brand," Reuss said of its 20-plus year run with C5- and C6-based prototypes that yielded eight class wins and the 2002 GT1 manufacturers' title. "But it's also been great for the global development of Chevrolet because we race all over the world now. We go to Mexico, we go to Brazil, we go to China, and all these different places, so this is part of a global strategy that we put in place a few years ago."

While GM is making no formal announcements, Reuss said the door remains open for additional WEC entries beyond the six C7.Rs that spearhead Corvette Racing's current FIA World Endurance Championship effort.

"There's a lot of racing that goes on through our motorsports group outside of what we're doing with IMSA, but I think we're going to have some exciting things coming up in the future," he revealed. "We still have a few more years of LMP1 commitment, so you can expect to see Corvette continue on with us."

When it comes to the GTE-spec C7.Rs - which have been racing since 2014 - additional entries are possible in the ELMS, where Corvette Racing won the championship in 2016.

"The beauty of GTE is that it's global now with the Balance of Performance," Reuss said. "It's really a great class, and it's been a great platform for us to develop the car."

Reuss said Le Mans has been on Corvette Racing's radar for some time. "We've had to make some big changes for the race, which is one of the biggest races in the world; it's on everybody's list."

Corvette Racing first raced at Le Mans with a C5-R in 2000, and its current run began with an American Le Man's Series-based effort in 2004. The C7.R is the latest in a factory Corvettes line that includes the C6.R and C5-R.

As General Motors looks to expand its Corvette Racing program globally, the iconic sports car brand plans to return to Le Mans in 2022. Corvette Racing has had great success at Le Mans over the years but has been absent from Circuit de la Sarthe since 2016. Although it will still be "a few more years" of LMP1 commitment before Corvette Racing officially returns to Le Mans, GM has left the door open for additional entries in the FIA World Endurance Championship and European Le Mans Series.